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The A.Vogel Short Story competition 2012 judges, naturopath and author Jan de Vries, short story author Della Galton, creative writing tutor Ann Burnett and Your Healthy Living Managing Editor Tracy McLoughlin, are delighted to announce the winning short stories for 2012.

1st Prize! - Winning £500

'Words, Words, Words' by Sue Wilsea in East Yorkshire

Sue said: “I’m thrilled to win. I’ve recently started an MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle. What a wonderful thing to have happen in my first term.”

Judge Della Galton: “We chose this story as the winner because it had a lot of depth, it was a brave subject to pick, and was well crafted with some beautiful writing.”

2nd Prize! - Winning £300

'Hook, Line and Ninety-Nines' by Melanie Whipman in Surrey

Judge Ann Burnett said: “This beautifully written story has some lovely imagery and touches of humour. A very well-deserved runner-up.”

Joint 3rd Prize! - Winning £100 each

'Tree Hugger' by Linda Daunter in Cambridgeshire

Judge Tracy McLoughlin said: “You can't help but smile when you read this lively and characterful tale, which starts up a tree...”

'Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted' by Celia Reynolds in London

n Burnett said: “A story with a difference - a security guard about to retire meets an urban explorer 39 floors up and is encouraged to follow his dreams.”

Highly Commended:

'Seline Gets Her Sausage' by Eric McFarlane in West Lothian

'Justice' by Sarah Evans in Hertfordshire

'Afterwards' by Jocelyn Kaye in Cheshire

A.Vogel and Your Healthy Living would like to thank everyone who entered the competition. We appreciated your participation and enjoyed your stories.

Click here to find out more about the Write A Story For Bedtime Competition.

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