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"The 15 minute workout that keeps me in shape"

Davina McCall talks to Liz Parry about her latest fitness regime, her love of dance and the importance of family time

Q: You’re well known for being in fantastic physical shape. What type of exercise works best for you?

Davina: "I think what’s important for me is that I need to change up my workout routines and keep things varied, otherwise my body gets used to the exercise I do. My personal trainers, Jackie and Mark, are constantly coming up with new routines that push me a bit harder. This summer I went away on holiday to Canada and I had a proper little belly going on due to my love of pancakes and maple syrup. But they soon whipped me into shape!"

Q: You’ve released a number of successful workout DVDs over the years. Do you enjoy developing new routines and approaches to fitness?

Davina: "Yes. Jackie and Mark inspired me so much when they got me into shape so I really wanted to share that with people. I do the DVDs because there are so many women who don’t want to go to a gym and work out in front of a bunch of people that they don’t know. It’s quite intimidating and you can feel really embarrassed. Women tend to sweat in awkward places and then you have to go and have a communal shower and there’s all these gym bunnies walking around in their pants and bras. It can be quite an excruciating place! I think if you can get fit in your own home then why wouldn’t you?"

Q: Tell us about your latest release, Davina – Fit in 15.

Davina: "It’s based on high intensity interval training and it’s all about pushing yourself as hard as you can while you’re doing the workout. It’s a real blast – you’ll find that you’re completely exhausted! The idea is that you just need to do 15 minutes a day, five days a week, in order to get in shape. It’s ideal for people who are busy and don’t have much time to work out."

Q: You have also launched a fitness app, which features a running coaching programme. Do you enjoy running?

Davina: "I am absolutely shocking at running! I really, really want to learn but I’m just rubbish. I’ve got two girlfriends who run like gazelles and they skip along as light as a fairy on their feet. If we all go jogging they’ll try and talk to me but I can’t answer and that makes me feel even more inadequate around them. It’s something that I would like to learn but I just find it very, very hard."

Q: As the presenter of Sky 1’s Got to Dance, your enthusiasm for dance is obvious. Do you enjoy dancing yourself?

Davina: Oh my God, I love dance! I’ve just spent the last six months learning the routine to Beyoncé’s Run the World. I had this gorgeous dance teacher who taught me the whole thing. And now there’s this type of African dancing that I really want to learn and she’s going to teach me that too. I’m having little lessons for fun and fitness and I’m really enjoying it."

Q: Do you do many activities or sporty things with your family?

Davina: "In the summer we’ll all play a game together like rounders or football. We also like to go away on adventure holidays together. We had an amazing trip to Canada this summer where we did lots of hiking and trekking. These things are great bonding experiences when we’re all out as a family battling up a really steep hill together. Those are the sort of things we cherish the most."

Q: Do you enjoy eating healthily?

Davina: "I do more so now than when I was younger. I found healthy eating quite difficult. I think when you live on your own and you’re cooking for one it’s quite hard. Cooking for five is a lot easier. In our house we really enjoy eating things like wholemeal wraps with grilled chicken, grated cheese, peppers and cucumbers. We also like what I call “picky plates”, which is a dollop of hummus, some raw vegetables, some halloumi and half a toasted bagel. It’s an eat with your hands-type meal. I also love a good chilli made with plenty of beans"

Q: Do you follow a specific diet?

Davina: "No. My main problem is quantity. I love the taste of food and I love eating. Quite often I’m ravenous, which is a mistake, so I eat really fast and I don’t know that I’m full so I end up having a second helping and then I’m absolutely stuffed. I really try to eat slower and eat smaller portions. I don’t follow any diets though or cut out foods as that can just send you doolally."

Q: Do you have particular ways of dealing with stress?

Davina: "I’ve downloaded an app called Headspace, which is great. I’m really into meditation as a way of helping me to chill out and switch off. I really feel the benefits from it. I’ve tried yoga in the past but I don’t do it regularly. Matthew [Davina’s husband] and I often talk about the fact that we should do some yoga because it’s incredibly relaxing and also very, very good for you. I’d love to do it more but there just aren’t enough hours in the day."

Q: Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

Davina: "I’ve decided that I must get a bit more organised with my diary. My life’s a bit mad and I don’t have a PA or anything so I can be a bit forgetful. I’m very good with my kids and my husband but sometimes I forget things like the fact that I’m supposed to be meeting friends for dinner."

Q: What things do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Davina: "Being a mum is my favourite thing to do. Being a wife is pretty high up there too. Just hanging out with the kids and doing normal things at home. Those are the things that I feel like I’m missing out on sometimes. Family time is really important to me."

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