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Q As a company, what are the most important steps you have taken so far, to support the environment?

A Our commitment to the environment has seen us launch The Better Planet Project, an eco-initiative that supports research into the impact climate change is having on the planet. From funding Antarctic expeditions to predict our planet’s future in the age of manmade climate change, to supporting and lobbying local recycling projects, we’re working towards a better planet.

Q How do you ensure that your product ingredients are as environmentally friendly as possible?

A The extensive use of palm oil means that it is found in a growing number of cosmetic and food products consumed globally, often under an amended name or in the form of derivatives which do not need to be declared within ingredient listings. At BetterYou, we investigate the origin of every single ingredient we use ensuring that it has not been exposed to palm oil derivatives at any point in its life. We are delighted to say that we have been awarded the International Palm Oil Free Certificate for our work in this area.

Q How do you ensure your packaging is as sustainable/environmentally friendly as possible?

A We’re working hard to ensure our product range makes the smallest impact on our planet as possible and we’re proud to say that all our products are palm oil and palm oil derivative free and come packaged in ocean waste recovered plastic or plant-based plastic – all 100 per cent recyclable.

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