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Q Why is supporting the environment so important to your brand?

A We believe we all have responsibility for the choices we make and the impact of these choices on those without a voice in the wider environment. Every choice we make and product we buy has an impact on the world we live in. We try to understand this and take responsibility for the whole lifecycle of our products.

Q How do you ensure that your product ingredients are as environmentally friendly as possible?

A We look at issues pre-production, in production and the afterlife of the product to ensure there is a positive product lifecycle. Our packs all have various combinations of claims for compostability, stewardship, recycling and social responsibility such as Fair Rubber. Third parties verify each claim we make so we constantly have someone holding us to task and to our commitment.

Q How do you educate your customers about your efforts to support the environment so that they appreciate they are caring for the planet as well as enjoying a great product?

A Every pack details the product lifecycle and the choices we have made. Our website carefully details all the issues we have considered, the rationale for our decisions and links to further information and reading. Our customers can therefore understand us as a brand and the thinking of the individuals behind the brand.

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Voting for the Your Healthy Living Environmental Champion 2021 has now closed. The results will be announced in the March 2022 issue of Your Healthy Living.