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Nominated Products in the Best for Heart Health and Cholesterol Award

Support for heart health

HeartPower45 exclusively contains Super BERGAVIT Bergamot 45 per cent, supported by clinical trials to improve CVD risk factors. It benefits overall cholesterol balance and heart health and controls ‘bad’ and increases ‘good’ cholesterol at the same time. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 60 capsules.

For good cardiovascular health

Viridian Nutrition’s Cardio Multivitamin is a blend of supportive vitamins to promote good cardiovascular health and function, together with bioavailable minerals and selected phytonutrients, featuring pomegranate and garlic extracts. Supplement daily in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and exercise. The product contains vitamin B1 which contributes to the normal function of the heart.

Low carb/high fibre flour

Change your daily bread into medicine with FiberFlour. Designed by lifestyle medicine doctor Gerald Davies to simply replace harmful high glycaemic starches in flour with prebiotics and transform comfort foods from risk to remedy. Yes! Keto dieters can have their bread, cake, cookies and get vital prebiotic fibre too.

Help for normal blood cholesterol levels

CholesterolBiotix contains five active ingredients including red yeast rice, coenzyme Q10, Lactobacilli strains Rhamnosus and Bulgaricus and plant sterols which help to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. CholesterolBiotix uses delayed-release capsules to guarantee the survivability and delivery of the probiotics into the intestines and to bypass the stomach acid.

Natural, simple and convenient

Ricepure provides a natural, simple and convenient solution to raised cholesterol levels. Only using the finest organic red yeast extract which is guaranteed free of statins, Ricepure is proven to lower cholesterol levels and is guaranteed to lower LDL by 15 per cent in 30 days. Better still, the one-a-day formula contains 100 per cent active ingredients.

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