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Get motivated!

Fitness expert Jessie Pavelka talks to Liz Parry about his campaign to motivate the nation, plus how he juggles fatherhood and family life

Q: Jessie, you are well-known for your Sky TV shows where you help people to get fit and get in shape. But can you give us an insight into your own health and fitness routine?

Jessie: "Well my own fitness regime has kind of changed and evolved. I really used to focus on the exterior and getting myself in the best physical shape I could – and then I had a child! Now I have responsibilities so there’s a balancing act that needs to happen. What I’ve realised is that being healthy is not all about how you look; it’s what your life looks like."

Q: So has your fitness regime changed since you became a dad?

Jessie: "I do still go to the gym and get a good weights session in but now I'm much more aware of how much time I have available. Part of being healthy is being a good parent and a good husband. It’s not just about the way you look. It's about asking yourself, can you fit in that walk in the morning before you go to work? Can you fit in those three healthy meals a day as well as take care of your children and your job? It’s become more about those things now rather than having two and a half hours to train each day and beat myself into the ground just to have a six pack. It just isn’t practical for me any more. You also really get to appreciate people’s struggle when you have a family and a demanding job. So, yes, life has changed for me, but in a very good way."

Q: Is healthy eating important to you?

Jessie: "Definitely. My wife and I always make sure we have plenty of healthy food in the house. We like to buy organic produce because you know that way your body is getting good quality nutrition. My wife has introduced me to a whole load of things like nutritional yeast, maca, cider vinegar, chia seeds, flax seeds and coconut oil. We always make sure we have plenty of healthy snacks to hand – they're our go-tos."

Q: What types of food do you eat on a regular basis?

Jessie: "I tend to have smoothies in the morning because I like to be able to blend a lot of healthy ingredients together in a drink. It’s a convenience thing for me. For snacks I have mixed nuts, apples, different types of fruit. Lunch is usually high in protein with starchy veg and some sort of leafy greens. I’ll have another snack in the evening – something like vegetables with hummus. Then in the evenings we’ll have a nice healthy dinner."

Q: Do you take any supplements?

Jesssie: Yes. I take a multivitamin and omega-3, 6 and 9. We have a whole range of supplements that we go to depending on how we’re feeling. Some we take every day and others depending on how we’re feeling."

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your work with ITV Daybreak and the Motivation Nation campaign?

Jessie: "Lots of people decide to get fit and get in shape, but they try to do too much too soon and end up getting burnt out because the big picture’s too big. So what we’re doing is saying “just make one small change”. Then try making another small change and then another small change. It's all about setting smaller, more achievable goals. What happens is that you get to identify the effect those small changes are having on your life and how they make you feel rather than focusing on the big picture. It’s simple but effective."

Q: Do you think it’s important to have people around who can support you and help you to achieve your goals?

Jessie: "Absolutely. A lot of people I’ve worked with in the past tend to isolate themselves. They don’t get out, explore or get to know people. But it really helps to be able to reach out to others and realise that you’re not alone. There are other people who can share your experience and help to support you through it. It's important to find ways to hold yourself accountable and surround yourself with success."

Q: It seems that you really go through quite a journey with the people you work with. Do you find this to be a rewarding experience?

Jessie: "Yes, it’s why I do what I do. I’m able to help people change their lives, which is a great feeling. And they help me just as much as I help them. It's very rewarding to go through the experience with them and see how much they change."

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