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Celebrity Health - Linda Lusardi

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A model of good health

Model, actress and TV presenter Linda Lusardi speaks to Your Healthy Living about how life in her second half-century is better than ever.

Best known for her work as a model in the 80s and 90s and, more recently as an actress and presenter on stage, film and television, Linda Lusardi, now aged 54, has never looked or felt better. Married to actor Sam Kane and mum to two teenage children, Linda is no stranger to the common challenge of juggling family and career. Here she lets us in on the secrets of how she stays fit, healthy and looking great.

Q: You are looking fabulous for 54, Linda! But how would you rate your healthiness out of 10?

Linda: "I would rate myself about an eight. When I was a model I used to indulge in junk food and fad diets, but those days are gone. I may be in my second half-century – something not easy to admit – but I’ve never felt better. Now I try to make sure that the whole family gets a good selection of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Anyone with a busy life and kids will know how hard that is to achieve! I try to avoid salty, processed foods and cut down on white bread. I can’t resist a good curry from time to time though!"

Q: Do you enjoy cooking for yourself and your family?

Linda: "I love cooking. I won Celebrity Come Dine With Me and got to the semi finals of Celebrity Masterchef. I cook almost every day for the family and love doing dinner parties."

Q: What do you do to keep fit? Are there any particular types of exercise you do regularly?

Linda: "I like to get on the running machine for 10 minutes every day and I try to get to the gym every other week, but I know this isn’t enough! I do a lot of walking between meetings and engagements, plus the pantomime keeps you fit! "

Q: Do you have any particular health concerns?

Linda: "I’ve been lucky to stay well, but I was plagued by dry eyes for over 10 years. My eyes felt dry and gritty most days, and also they would become red and sore. It would flare up when I was under artificial lighting, in air conditioned rooms or when I wore false eyelashes. It also seemed to worsen after I had my two children. "

"I was forced to use eye drops every single morning. If I ever forgot my drops, my eyes would be terrible all day and people would think I’d been crying! I found out that other people with my problem use sea buckthorn oil to provide moisture from the inside. "

"After a few weeks of taking it I had no dryness and no need for drops! I now take four capsules a day to combat my dry eyes and keep my skin looking good. It gives me a supply of vitamin E and omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 too so I feel like I’m taking care of my whole body. "

Q: Do you take any other supplements?

Linda: "I know that you can’t get all the nutrition you need just from food, so I also take other quality supplements, such as a good multivitamin, as well as vitamin D and vitamin C. Quality is so important when it comes to supplements and prevention is better than cure!"

Q: Do you have any health tips that you live by?

Linda: "Sleep eight hours daily and do everything in moderation. Also, seek out natural remedies and healthy foods from reputable places."

Q: What do you do to relax after a busy day?

Linda: "I like to have a hot bath with rosemary oil in. Then I get my pyjamas on, put my feet up in front of the TV and watch a good movie. I also enjoy having reflexology on my feet and I really enjoy a hot stone massage."

Q: What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

Linda: "I’ll be going back and forth to Switzerland as we are working on adding some new products to my skincare range, Lusardi My Miracle. I am also working on a clothing line at the moment. There are some film projects in the pipeline and it looks like I will be appearing in panto at Northampton next Christmas."

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