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Best new product

New and improved

New and improved Udo’s Choice Super 8 Immune Microbiotics use the most researched age-appropriate strength and strains of bacteria, now with vitamin C for immune support. Refrigerated to guarantee cell count on expiry for effectiveness and formulated with a high cell count of 31 billion.

Vibrant, healthy turmeric juice

New from The Ginger People is the amazing Fijian Turmeric Juice which contains 99 per cent pressed juice in an eco-friendly glass bottle. Unlike many other brands that use as little as 10 per cent juice, we think if you’re buying turmeric that’s what you want. Each bottle provides up to 20 shots.

Available from independent health stores.

Vegan protein drink

WOW HYDRATE Vegan Protein Water provides a convenient way for vegans to supplement their protein intake. Each serving contains 20g of plant-based protein derived from pea protein isolate, a complete amino acid profile plus vitamins B6, C and D. It is also sugar, fat and gluten free and only 50 calories.

Natural support for joint pain

Neutrient Curcumin+ combines highly absorbable Theracurmin®, a patented and clinically researched form of curcumin with Casperome®, a patented boswellia extract containing the full spectrum of boswellic acids. Curcumin+ is 27 times more bioavailable than ordinary curcumin and provides support for joint pain or inflammation, injury recovery and mobility and movement.

Vegan collagen alternative

Vollagen® is a vegan alternative to collagen that has been produced using a proprietary, multi-step fermentation and microencapsulation process. It is 100 per cent suitable for vegans and ethically and sustainably sourced, from non-GM corn. Vollagen® is free from common allergens and contamination with heavy metals and other toxic elements that may occur in animal-derived collagen.

An expert pelvic floor workout

KegelSmart 2 from Intimina uses touch sensor technology to register your pelvic floor strength and then sets the perfect exercise routine for you. Developed with gynaecologists and made with the smoothest medical grade silicone, KegelSmart 2 gives you an expert pelvic floor workout in less than five minutes a day!

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