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Soothing help for sore eyes

Thea's Blepha EyeBag® is the original, effective and reusable warm compress. The EyeBag® releases natural oils across the surface of the eyes, refreshing the layer of moisture, and providing nourishment and protection to keep eyes comfortable. It is used to treat various eye conditions and dry, sore and irritated eyes.

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Thea Blepha EyeBag®

Quick and easy CBD

If you're looking for a quick and easy method of taking CBD, then CBD By British Cannabis™ is a great product for you. For those with high dosing needs these convenient new 1,000mg CBD Oral Capsules deliver 33.3mg of CBD per capsule – the best way of slowly releasing CBD into the bloodstream.

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CBD By British Cannabis™ 1,000mg CBD Oral Capsules

Gut and immune support

Optibac Probiotics Adult Gummies are the tastiest way to support gut and immune health. They contain the scientifically proven probiotic strain Bacillus coagulans IS-2, plus prebiotic FOS fibres, vitamin D, zinc and calcium – all in one easy-to-take daily supplement. Vegan, with no artificial sugars or nasties, and in 100 per cent plastic-free packaging.

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Optibac Probiotics Adult Gummies

The wonder of seaweed

Doctor Seaweed's Weed & Wonderful Focus+ was created in a post-Covid era where lifestyle changes have affected our eye health and mental wellbeing. This all-natural and vegan supplement is centred around the nutritional wonder of seaweed, providing essential iodine, plus B-vitamins, zinc and omega-3 DHA to optimise brain health, mental performance, energy and vision.

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Doctor Seaweed's Weed & Wonderful Focus+

New bioactive ashwagandha

New Fermented Ashwagandha-Fermanolide from Terranova Synergistic Nutrition contains bioactive Ashwagandha, fermented by Lactobacillus plantarum. Ashwagandha is a much-appreciated medicinal herb in Ayurveda and an important adaptogen. The most valuable part of it is the root. Thanks to the special fermentation process, the active substances are made more readily available to the body, creating a powerful formula.

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Terranova Synergistic Nutrition Fermented Ashwagandha Fermanolide

For breast health protection

BREAST360 is a patent pending, innovative vegetarian product for breast health protection. Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart says: “BREAST360 provides much needed breast health support for every woman. It includes plant extracts with antioxidant activity.” The product has been developed by medical professionals and is manufactured in the UK. Coming soon!

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The water-based probiotic

Symprove launched its newest Strawberry & Raspberry flavour in May. Symprove is a water-based probiotic that delivers billions of live and active bacteria to the gut. The healthy bacteria arrive safely in the gut, surviving the harsh environment of the stomach before multiplying rapidly, thriving and colonising in the gut.

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Symprove Strawberry & Raspberry flavour

A yummy, convenient staple

Essential Trading's newly packaged, newly formulated Organic Baked Beans now come with a beautifully illustrated reminder that this yummy convenient staple is grown from organic farming. There's a gentle twist on ordinary supermarket brands with chilli, cinnamon and paprika listed in the ingredients. Be reminded where real food comes from and how it should taste.

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Essential Trading Organic Baked Beans

Natural anti-pest spray

Puressentiel's Anti-Pest Fabric Spray kills and staves off house pests, the natural way. Containing the power of palmarosa essential oil, this spray can be used on textiles in the home, such as bedding, mattresses, sofas and cuddly toys, as well as indoor furniture. One 150ml spray will cover the equivalent of around four standard double mattresses.

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Puressentiel Anti-Pest Fabric Spray

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