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"Focus on your good points and accentuate them. Don’t focus on your flaws or what you wish you could change"

Q: As a make-up artist you must get asked for your advice all the time on skincare and beauty. What are your top tips?

Ruby: "The best advice I can give is to find a skincare regime that works for you and stick to it. I can’t stress how important it is to cleanse, moisturise and hydrate every day. You wouldn’t dream of not brushing your teeth, so don’t skimp on cleansing your skin. Also, get a good set of make-up tools. You don’t need hundreds of brushes like I do – you just need a lip brush, a cheek brush, a concealer brush, a couple of eyeshadow brushes and a foundation brush. That will really help with the way you apply your make-up. Lastly, focus on your good points and accentuate them. Don’t focus on your flaws or what you wish you could change. Look at your face, pinpoint your best features and think about what you can work with. Look at the positives and embrace them instead of trying to find fault because that’s a very joyless experience."

Q: Tell us a bit about your own beauty regime.

Ruby: "Well, I’m 52 years old, and my skin has always been pretty good. I’ve always methodically cleansed my skin from my chest upwards. I massage cleanser on, beginning with my décolletage, moving to my neck and then my face, and then I use a hot flannel or muslin cloth to wipe it off. I exfoliate my skin a couple of times a week and I use masks when I have time, or if I need to look good for a photo shoot. I have to juggle my work with family commitments, just like everyone else, but I always make time to stick to that regime."

Q: You have recently been named the new beauty ambassador for Udo’s Choice. What does this mean to you?

Ruby: "I’m really thrilled to be their beauty ambassador. You can’t be an ambassador for a product you don’t believe in or respect – you have to have an affinity for the product. I think Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is a fantastic product and I’m really happy to endorse it. It’s a good source of essential fatty acids, which are vital for skin health. Just two or three teaspoons a day will really help your complexion, along with plenty of sleep, good nutrition and a good cleansing routine. The better the condition of your skin the better your make-up will look."

Q: Do you take any vitamins or supplements?

Ruby: "Yes I’ve always taken vitamin C and I use a vitamin D spray. I also take herbal supplements to balance my hormones as I’m going through the menopause. I take my Ultimate Oil Blend every day and I’ve also been advised to take a probiotic to balance my gut flora."

Q: Is healthy eating important to you?

Ruby: "Yes, I always try to eat as healthily as possible. I don’t always manage to eat organic, but I do try. Sometimes it’s difficult when you’re on a photo shoot as it’s not up to me what lunch I will be getting, but I do make healthy choices whenever I can. Thankfully I don’t have any food allergies so I can eat a balanced diet. I don’t deny myself anything either."

Q: Do you have any health issues that concern you?

Ruby: "I’m having trouble with my sleep at the moment. I’m trying everything I can to tackle it, from using lavender and essential oils to taking hot baths before bedtime. If you don’t get enough good quality sleep it really shows in your skin."

Q: Do you enjoy exercise?

Ruby: "I don’t really look forward to it, but I do enjoy how I feel afterwards. I do hot yoga – my daughter drags me along to classes – and I have a personal trainer. I’ve always been quite active and quite skinny but now that I’m getting older I have to watch my weight a bit more. I have to increase the amount of exercise I do. I can’t take things like that for granted any more."

Q: What do you do to relax?

Ruby: "I love reading through all the latest magazines with a cup of tea. I find that very relaxing. I also meditate. And I enjoy being with friends and family. My family is of prime importance to me. I lost my mum a couple of years ago and it was a colossal loss to me, a hole that I don’t know how I’m going to fill. That’s made me realise how important it is to do things that you like and be with people whose company you enjoy. Don’t let work rule your life. Make sure you have time to have fun and be with the people you love."

Photograph courtesy of Erin Eve

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