Nominated Products in the Best Slimming Or Fitness Product Award

Voting has now closed in this category. The winners will be announced in the December issue of Your Healthy Living.

Low calorie mayonnaise

Slim Yayonnaise flavour sauce is a low calorie alternative that can be used to top any of your favourite salads. The product is fat-free, sugar-free and gluten-free. Now you can enjoy the salads you love without adding to the calories, even as you keep your diet on track!

Super power green

teapigs matcha is a super power green tea: 100 per cent organic green tea leaves ground to a powder. One serving contains the equivalent nutritional value to 10 cups of regular green tea and only half the caffeine. Known to help boost metabolism and give you a calm, focussed, energy boost.

A powerful super-antioxidant

Bioxanthin is a powerful super-antioxidant and free radical scavenger. It allows for a speedy recovery time from any fitness regime, by combating the dangerous effects of naturally-occurring free radicals. The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism suggests astaxanthin can reduce oxidative stress, inflammation and enhance the immune system.

Live life lighter

Lepicol Lighter is a new and exciting, natural food supplement which could assist your weight loss journey. It contains glucomannan to help feel fuller longer, chromium to help balance sugar levels and seven strains of live bacteria to keep your gut healthy – beneficial when trying to lose weight.

For weight warriors!

sense for weight warriors combines fat-busting vitamins, minerals and botanicals with the 4G complex, a blend of green coffee, green tea, garcinia cambogia and guarana to support weight management, increase fat metabolism, reduce sugar cravings and boost energy levels! Free from artificial flavourings, preservatives, excipients and suitable for vegetarian, halal and kosher diets.

Epsom salt spray

Westlab’s Epsom Salt Muscle Spray is a new and innovative product as Epsom salt has never been available as a spray before. It’s perfect for spritzing directly on targeted areas such as aching legs and stiff shoulders. Each spritz is packed with spearmint and eucalyptus plus magnesium sulphate, helping to soothe and revive tired, aching muscles.

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