Nominated Products in the Best Slimming or Detox Product Award

A hero product

Apple Cider™ is one of New Nordic’s hero products. Apple cider is a classic herbal and nutrient combination, which is designed to help contribute to efficient digestion and break down fats. Apple cider has been used in medicine for 5,000 years. This is why thousands use Apple Cider™, worldwide.

Natural food supplement

Lepicol Lighter is a scientifically developed, natural food supplement which could assist your weight loss journey, containing glucomannan to help you feel fuller for longer, chromium to help balance your sugar levels and seven strains of live bacteria to keep your gut healthy.

Super power green tea

teapigs matcha is 100 per cent premium organic green tea leaves, ground to a fine powder – essentially a super power green tea containing natural green tea flavonoids (catechins). One serving contains the equivalent nutritional value of 10 cups of regular green tea and only half the caffeine of a cup of coffee.

Feel fuller for longer

Forget about hunger cravings when dieting with the GoFigure® Mixed Berry Meal Replacement Shake. At 200 calories per serving, it contains the science-backed and award-winning ingredient SlimBiome®, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer, reduces cravings for sweet and fatty foods and with its fibre rich content, improves gut health.

Natural weight management

SlimBiome® Medical is a natural, hunger-free approach to weight management which helps individuals to reduce their food intake, keeps them feeling fuller for longer and reduces cravings for sweet and fatty foods. Each sachet contains the award-winning, science-backed ingredient SlimBiome® which contains important fibres to boost gut health.

Raw apple cider vinegar

Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is made by fermenting organic apples. It is kept raw, unfiltered and unpasteurised, which explains its cloudy appearance: it still contains the Mother of Vinegar, a naturally occurring mix of enzymes and friendly bacteria. Use as a delicious addition to food or as a daily health drink.

Healthy portion plate

Marianne’s PLATE is designed to help make portion control easy. The plate is split into three sections covering each major food group to provide a healthy, balanced diet. The plates are competitively priced, high quality and with three beautiful designs available. They are user friendly – easy to understand, demonstrate and educate – and are used by the NHS.

Natural sugar alternative

Total Sweet is a leading brand of the natural sugar alternative ‘xylitol’. Whilst xylitol has less calories than sugar, it is the fact it has a much lower glycaemic index (a measure of how quickly a food affects your blood sugar levels) that is thought to be behind studies that highlight its potential to help with weight loss.

Detox foot patches

Bodytox Detox Foot Patches are a centuries old method combining quality natural active ingredients with the power of reflexology. In both oriental and western practices, the sole of the foot works as a reactor map to the internal organs, supporting the correlation of wellbeing and being well. Bodytox foot patches, when placed on the feet, promote purity, relaxation and balance.

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