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Celebrity Health – Binky Felstead

Former Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead talks to Liz Parry about how she and her family stay healthy during the cold and flu season

Binky Felstead was one of the original cast members of the hit E4 show Made in Chelsea. Binky, whose real name is Alexandra, is married to Max and has two children, five-year-old India and 17-month-old Wolfie. She recently announced that she is expecting her third child.

Q Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you feeling?

Binky: Thank you! It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. I’m in my second trimester so I’ve got more energy. I was feeling a bit flat at times in the first trimester. Then I got a tummy bug a few weeks ago but I’m doing okay now. I’m eating lots of nutritious soups and if I’m not able to stomach much I’ll just have a piece of toast.

Q How do you ensure that you keep your family healthy?

Binky: We cook and eat healthy food. I love cooking and although I’m not the best at it, I’m trying to get better. My mum taught me all her recipes like chicken soup and also watercress, leek and potato soup. I give Wolfie the bone broth from the chicken carcass that I’ve boiled down when I’m making chicken soup. That’s really good for his immunity. During the winter I also give the kids Sambucol twice a day to help support their immune systems naturally. We always have lots of fruit and vegetables in the fridge and the kids will go for that rather than chocolate or crisps, which we don’t tend to have in the house. Instead of having chocolate after a meal we’ll have some melon or pineapple. India doesn’t tend to get excited by chocolate. I offered her some last night and she said no. I was a bit shocked!

Q Do you all like to keep active?

Binky: Yes. I’m a country girl at heart, and where we live we’re lucky to have lots of woods and big fields. We’re always taking the dog for long walks. It’s nice family bonding time as well as keeping healthy and getting fresh air. I’m also training with a pre and post-natal personal trainer, which is really important because I want to know that whatever I’m doing is safe. I’m very fit from before, so I’m trying to keep up my fitness levels. I’m focusing on my legs and arms but I’m steering clear of any core work. It makes me happy and it keeps me going. I think it’s important to say that everyone is different though, and just because I’m doing this doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone.

Q New research from Sambucol has shown that over half of Brits are experiencing sleepless nights due to worries about getting ill with Covid and colds and flu. Do you worry about how illness might affect your family?

Binky: We try not to worry about it. India is always coming back from school with a different cold, like lots of kids. She had Covid at the beginning of the year and was pulled out of school for a week. But somehow Max, Wolfie and I have all managed to avoid it. I will probably get it now I’ve said that so I will quickly touch some wood! We try to do the best we can with our healthy eating, and we get plenty of exercise, so as a family we’re pretty healthy.

Q Do you have any natural remedies that you go to if anyone in your family is unwell?

Binky: If I feel unwell I’ll always make some chicken soup. My mum taught me this recipe years ago and it’s my favourite thing. It’s jam packed with vegetables and chicken stock and it’s just amazing. I’d also say get lots of rest if you’re unwell, although I’m not very good at doing that. I’ve had to rest for the last three days and in some ways it’s been really lovely. But in other ways I’m itching to get back to work and doing things again.

Q Do you think it’s important to set a healthy example to your children?

Binky: Absolutely. The kids see us doing these long walks and eating healthily, which is very important. Also, India loves cooking with me. I want to teach her about fruit and vegetables and the benefits of healthy eating. It’s something that I hope she will remember when she’s older and then pass on to her own kids.

Binky Felstead has partnered with the UK’s No.1 brand for immunity, Sambucol, to show the benefits of protecting family immunity all year round.

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