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Best bodycare product

Rejuvenate your skin

Award-winning Rio Rosa Mosqueta Rosehip Seed Oil is pressed from the seeds of a wild rose which grows in the Chilean Andes. It’s renowned for its skin rejuvenating properties, helping to fade the appearance of scars, stretch marks and wrinkles and nourishing dry skin. It is vegan and all natural.

Rejuvenating and restorative

Terranova Serum 768 is a unique blend of 14 organic oils combined with organic extracts of calendula and arnica. All ingredients have been specifically selected for their skin rejuvenating properties and work synergistically to provide a formula that is deeply nourishing and restorative to skin affected by dryness, ageing or other common challenges.

Shake, spray, glow

Weleda’s Skin Food Ultra-Light Dry Oil is a lightweight, fast-absorbing natural formulation inspired by iconic Skin Food Original, and featuring its signature botanicals to instantly hydrate the body and face, for a radiant glow. Feed your skin with the power of nature with this certified natural, sustainably sourced, microbiome and vegan-friendly new addition to the Skin Food family.

Smell great all day

Fragranced with top notes of orange and lime and base notes of neroli, Salt of the Earth’s Neroli & Orange Blossom refillable spray deodorant keeps you smelling great all day. Its quick drying, all-natural and vegan formula is kind to the skin and has extra moisturising ingredients to keep the delicate armpit skin soft and free from irritation.

For optimum skin health

Carefully crafted from skin-loving natural ingredients, Good Health Naturally’s new Revitalising Moisturiser contains co-enzymeQ10 alongside the powerful plant-based retinol alternative, bakuchiol oil, for maximum rejuvenation benefits. As well as aloe, sweet almond oil, oat oil and avocado oil, this vegan moisturiser includes the micronutrient biotin to support optimum skin health.

A fiercely fresh mouthwash

Start every day fiercely fresh and ready for action! Truthpaste Probiotic Mouthwash promotes good bacteria which strengthens your mouth’s natural barrier for a healthy oral microbiome. Made with organic aloe vera and peppermint to soothe gums, prevent plaque, and keep your breath minty fresh, without any plastic packaging.

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