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Every month Your Healthy Living gives you the chance to win a selection of fantastic natural health products in our free prize draws. On offer this time we have: four packs to give away, worth £13 each, of CherryActive Sleep Formula capsules; five winners will receive a bottle worth £24.95 of B4 Health™, plus each entrant will receive a mystery voucher; five winners will receive both PrizMAG and PrizMAG+, worth £53.90 each; two winners will receive a bottle of MegaDefense (RRP: £39.75), while every entrant gets a 5 per cent discount to use at; and two readers will win a box each of Bee calm & Bee rested supplements worth £26.

To be in with a chance of winning these prizes, simply tick the box for each prize draw you would like to enter and complete the short form at the end of the page. Good luck!

Closing date: 2pm, 30 April 2021

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Win! Help for healthy sleep

CherryActive Sleep Formula capsules contain a blend of Montmorency cherry, lavender, chamomile and magnesium powders – ingredients shown by research to promote healthy sleep patterns. Nutritionists recommend taking two CherryActive Sleep Formula capsules half an hour before bed. The product is 100 per cent vegetarian/vegan with no added fillers or other ingredients. We have four packs to give away, worth £13 each.

Draw Code: YHL-CHERRY-0321

Win! Liquid vitamin B-complex

B4 Health™ is a liquid vitamin B-complex that’s up to nine times better absorbed than its capsule equivalent. It provides superior delivery for improved absorption. Recommended for a range of health conditions – healthy homocysteine levels, energy levels and supporting normal brain and cardiovascular health. Five winners will receive a bottle worth £24.95, plus each entrant will receive a mystery voucher.

Draw Code: YHL-HEALTH-0321

Win! For a better night’s sleep

Discover how much better you’ll sleep with PrizMAG! PrizMAG combines the sleep-inducing properties of glycine with the calming effects of magnesium to create a pure magnesium bisglycinate. PrizMAG+ contains the same great magnesium bisglycinate with added K2 and D3 for extra immune and bone health. Five winners will win both products, worth £53.90 each.

Draw Code: YHL-PRIZMAG-0321

Win! Support for your immune system

Wake up your immune system with MegaDefense, a blend of six organic full-spectrum medicinal mushrooms that act synergistically to activate all 260 classes of immune cells including NK cells, T cells, macrophages, and many others. Two winners will receive a bottle of MegaDefense (RRP: £39.75). Every entrant gets a 5 per cent discount to use at

Draw Code: YHL-MD-0321

Win! Help for anxiety and sleep

Two readers will win a box each of Bee calm & Bee rested supplements worth £26. They’re formulated by nutritionists, blending high quality plant-sourced ingredients shown to help with anxiety, stress and sleep. This British brand is available in health stores and online. Capsule contents may be opened into smoothies and more.

Draw Code: YHL-BEE-0321

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