Nominated Products in the Best Eco Product Award

Voting for the Best Eco Product Award has now closed, but you can read all about the nominated products below. Winners will be announced here soon.

Better baking!

If You Care Parchment baking sheets and paper are perfect for non-stick baking and are FSC certified, 100 per cent biodegradable, unbleached, chlorine free and home compostable. They’re crafted for minimum environmental impact.

Eco-friendly cleaning power!

Michael’s Original Loofah Washing-Up Pads are changing the way we wash up! Proven over generations in the Philippines where they are grown, loofahs are nature’s effective alternative to synthetic nylon scourers and sponges. They have plenty of scrubbing power, last for months and are compostable when worn out.

Green and clean

ECOS Laundry Liquid’s sustainable plant-based ingredients give effective cleaning performance while caring for skin, clothes and planet. Its concentrated formula (just 30ml a wash) is excellent value too. Vegan, palm oil free and carbon neutral, ECOS is available in magnolia and lily, lavender, lemongrass, hypoallergenic fragrance free or baby camomile and lavender.

Earth-friendly laundry

Meet the world’s first Soapnut Powder laundry tab. Can be used at any temperature, on any fabric, colours and whites, without the need for softener. Free from GMOs, phosphates, optical brighteners and chlorine bleach. Vegan, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, septic tank safe and great for high efficiency and standard washing machines.

Deep down clean

Bentley Organic Kitchen & Surface Cleaner naturally and hygienically cleans all hard washable surfaces, killing bacteria such as E.Coli, Listeria and salmonella.

Clean cat!

Natural and Clean clumping cat litter is completely biodegradable and contains a patented odour control formulation to remove unwanted smells permanently rather than simply mask them. Containing no artificial scents, binding agents, clay or silica it is the safest and most natural option for people and cats of all ages. The litter absorbs up to 300% of its weight in liquid and the clumps produced can be safely flushed leaving the rest of the litter suitable for home composting or disposing of in regular household waste.

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