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Q Why is supporting the environment so important to your brand?

A There are so many reasons why supporting the environment is important to our brand. For over 20 years now, Ecozone have kept sustainability at the core of everything we do, and with the increasing danger of climate change, this only becomes more and more important. We also strongly believe that by enabling people to make small lifestyle changes we can make a huge difference to the planet. This is what has encouraged us to continue innovating new and affordable products that can really make a difference.

Q Is your brand, or are your products, certified by any environmental organisations?

A Yes! Ecozone are proudly endorsed by the Vegan Trademark, PETA, Leaping Bunny for being cruelty-free, and Naturewatch Foundation. A number of Ecozone's products are approved by Allergy UK.

Q How do you educate your customers about your efforts to support the environment so that they appreciate that they are caring for the planet as well as enjoying a great product?

A At Ecozone, we use not only our packaging to communicate our efforts of supporting the environment, but we also use our online platforms to clearly showcase each product's individual set of unique eco-qualities. These are typically displayed in the form of icons and ethical endorsement logos, to make it very easy for consumers to understand the products they are using. These credentials will highlight aspects such as cruelty-free, septic tank-safe, vegan and safe for aquatic life formulas, but also where things such as plant-based ingredients are incorporated too.

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