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Essential Trading

Q As a company, what are the most important steps you have taken so far to support the environment?

A Essential have always had environmental consciousness. All of our products are transported by sea or land, never as air freight. We set this precedent 50 years ago. Our warehouse is solar-powered and we are currently tendering for additional installation, while Ecotricity powers our Harvest outlets. Even our network hosting service is carbon neutral! These are just some of many important steps.

Q How do you ensure that your product ingredients are as environmentally friendly as possible?

A Essential products have always been vegan/vegetarian, not tested on animals, ethically-sourced, non-GMO and palm oil-free. Our purchasing department is committed to avoiding products with palm oil because of the damage to ecosystems. Products in which it features are sourced under RSPO certification. Where possible, products are fairly traded and any waste goes to charities in the South West.

Q How do you ensure your packaging is as sustainable/environmentally friendly as possible?

A Our branded retail packs are made of polypropylene and heat-sealed. This polymer type is recyclable with some local authorities. Our flour and some herbs are packed in 100 per cent recyclable paper packaging and sealed with paper tape. Our 5kg and 10kg packs are polythene and recycled at supermarkets and with some local authorities. Our steel cans are all recyclable and BPA non-intent and we encourage the reuse of our glass jars before recycling. Even our teabags are in individual recyclable paper sachets!

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Voting for the Your Healthy Living Environmental Champion 2021 has now closed. The results will be announced in the March 2022 issue of Your Healthy Living.