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Best for gut health

Absorb more nutrients

Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend aids healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. Developed by Dr. Udo Erasmus, this product tackles neglected areas of everyday nutrition including gut health. Loved and trusted since 1994, Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend is the best and original. Your health journey starts here.

Natural help for stomach problems

Silicolgel is an ideal solution for managing stomach problems while on the go. It coats the stomach with a protective gel layer that binds toxins and helps alleviate symptoms such as stomach pain, reflux, nausea and heartburn. Conveniently fitting in your pocket, silicolgel single-dose sachets offer convenience and relief, wherever life takes you.

An advanced herbal formula

KEPTALIVA Complex is an advanced herbal formula, consisting of extracts from well-researched plants. These include artichoke, milk thistle, schisandra chinensis, andrographis paniculata and black radish and they contain a wide range of active valuable compounds, including polyphenols, which may contribute to normal liver and gallbladder function and the maintenance of normal digestion.

The science-backed supplement

NaturesPlus GI NUTRA® ProBio Mega is a superior quality, science-backed supplement, providing robust nutritional support. It includes clinically researched strains that have demonstrated an improvement in IBS quality of life comparable to standard prescriptions and oral probiotic strains supporting healthy oral microflora. It delivers 35 unique strains and 120 billion live bacteria per capsule.

Bursting with friendly bacteria

Yakult Original is a delicious, fermented skimmed milk drink developed over 85 years ago by Japanese scientist Dr Shirota. Each little bottle is bursting with 20 billion friendly L. casei Shirota bacteria, scientifically proven to reach the gut alive. Plus, it’s gluten-free, fat-free and suitable for vegetarians.

A soothing formula for digestive support

Verity Labs® advanced Debloat & Soothe formula helps to address problems associated with excessive bloating, bad bacteria overgrowth, stomach cramps, gas and digestive discomfort. It possesses antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties and includes four targeted digestive enzymes, two strains of live bacteria, a prebiotic, betaine hydrochloride and eight botanicals.

Live bacteria for gut health

80 per cent of our immune system is housed within our gut. The live bacteria in Wild Nutrition’s Multi-Strain Biotic naturally complements the existing gut flora present in a healthy digestive system. The high strength formula, providing 30 billion live bacteria per daily intake, can withstand stomach and bile acids to ensure your gut receives all eight live bacteria strains.

A powerful probiotic

NutriZing’s Advanced Strength Probiotics contain a powerful combination of 16 bacterial strains which work together to support gut health. These health supplements are certified vegan and provide 30 billion CFU per serving for a healthy digestive system. The special capsules survive stomach acids, are shelf stable and don’t need refrigeration.

Great for gut health

aguulp for gut is a liquid liposomal prebiotic food supplement. Each daily serving contains a powerful combination of prebiotic fibres, l-glutamine, zinc and calcium, which supports the normal function of digestive enzymes. aguulp for gut is a great way to improve your gut health and avoid unpleasant tummy issues.

Get your gut back on track

VSL#3 is one of the World’s Most Concentrated Probiotics. With 450 billion live bacteria across eight strains, VSL#3 offers both a powerful concentration and great diversity of bacteria to get your gut back on track. Trusted and recommended by healthcare professionals, there really are billions of reasons to choose VSL#3!

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