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Best immunity product

Look after your gut

Loved and trusted, Udo’s Choice Super 8 Immune Microbiotics use the most researched age-appropriate strength and strains of bacteria. The product is refrigerated to guarantee cell count on expiry for effectiveness and is formulated with high cell count 31 billion with vitamin C for immune support.

Feel the difference

Thrive with Mānuka Health MGO 400+, the most extraordinary, potent, delicious Mānuka honey on earth. It is important to select the right Manuka honey to see, feel and taste the Manuka magic.

Fight symptoms of cold and flu

Help fight the symptoms of colds and flu by supporting your immune system with A.Vogel Echinaforce® Echinacea drops. Echinaforce is made from a unique formula of extracts of freshly harvested, organic echinacea purpurea herb and root. It is a traditional herbal remedy for symptomatic relief of colds, influenza type infections and similar upper respiratory tract conditions. Always read the leaflet.

Antiviral and antibiotic properties

Bee prepared daily immune supplement is formulated by nutritionists and combines therapeutic amounts of the highest quality plant-based ingredients with natural antiviral, antibiotic and antihistamine properties. These include bee propolis, olive leaf and black elderberry. It’s concentrated so fewer are required and it is suitable for children too.

Natural antioxidant and immunity support

KEPTAIMMUNE® is an extract of the cat’s claw plant that has been used in Amazonian traditional medicine for centuries. It may benefit health via its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and may positively impact immune and brain function, which in turn may improve overall health and ultimately delay ageing.

Odourless, stabilised allicin

AllicinMax™ provides stabilised allicin, the active component in garlic, in a vegan capsule. One a day, odourless and suitable from age 12. AllicinMax™ can be taken alongside your regular supplements once a day and can be a useful addition to your wellness regime. Made in the UK.

Vitamin D+K2 oral spray

BetterYou D3000+K2 Oral Spray delivers 3,000IU of vitamin D alongside 75ug vitamin K2 to support a healthy immune system, healthy bones and blood clotting. Offering a pill-free alternative to tablets and capsules, the oral spray delivers both vitamins directly to the bloodstream via the inner cheek for enhanced absorption. The great-tasting supplement is contained in 100 per cent recyclable, planet-friendly packaging.

Natural immune support

Whatever the season, our immune systems can be compromised, making us more vulnerable to infections. GUNA®-COMPLEX n.1 includes the anti-viral and anti-inflammatory qualities of aconitum, echinacea and Vincetoxicum – welcome additions for those looking for a more natural way to strengthen their immune system. Sold worldwide as Guna Flu.

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