Nominated Products in the Best Organic Product Award

Voting has now closed in this category. The winners will be announced in the December issue of Your Healthy Living.

A taste sensation!

Booja-Booja Almond Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffles are handmade with salted caramel, roasted almonds and dark chocolate to create a heavenly taste sensation. Voted ‘The Nation’s Favourite’ at the 2016 Soil Association ‘BOOM’ Awards, Booja-Booja is passionate about creating dairy-, gluten- and soya-free delights with the minimal number of organic ingredients.

Vegan green chilli mayo

Plamil has been a vegan and free from food pioneer for over 50 years. Its latest vegan green chilli mayo is made to the highest ethical standards with no eggs, milk, cholesterol, gluten or SPI. The product is also free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. It uses French organic soya beans and is high in essential polyunsaturates.

Packed with nutrients

Organic Ultimate Superfoods is bursting with 31 organic superfoods and enzymes boasting an array of phytonutrients and antioxidants along with high levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Ultimate Superfoods includes: greens, fruits, berries, mushrooms, vegetables and bio-active enzymes, to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs.

Pure raw artisan honey

This Raw Brazilian Plateau Organic Honey from Ogilvy’s Honey is a cold-pressed artisan honey found on the remote plateaus of Southern Brazil. It is naturally rich in minerals and enzymes with reputed blood-cleansing properties. A medium tasting honey with a lingering sweet finish, it is perfect as a natural sweetener.

Organic gazpacho soup

This new gazpacho soup from Tideford Organics is organic and gluten-free. At only 168 calories it is low fat, dairy-free and has no added sugar. Italian tomatoes, red peppers and cucumber are blended with a hint of black pepper and cumin to give a refreshing meal that is perfect chilled for those warm summer days.

Healthy, sweet and delicious!

This delicate blend of Organic Green Tea with Manuka Honey from Heath & Heather aims to change perceptions by proving that green tea can be healthy, sweet and delicious! At less than 2kcals per cup, it is the perfect fat-burning solution as people look for better alternatives to sugary drinks or snacks.

Refreshing green tea

Qi Teas’ Organic Fairtrade Green Tea is grown at altitude in the remote mountains of southern China. It’s bought direct from the farmers and packed at the tea gardens straight after picking, retaining the natural goodness of the fresh leaf. A delicious, refreshing green tea with a delicate, mellow taste.

Brimming with goodness

granoVita’s Organic Beetroot Juice is an enriching and natural drink produced from organically grown beetroots that have been picked when their nutrient content is at its peak, which forms a deep and earthy, full-flavoured drink. Each glass is brimming with goodness.

Nutritious oil

granoVita’s Organic Hemp Oil is a nutritious virgin cold pressed oil, which ensures that the oil retains the product’s maximum level of nutrients. It provides various health benefits, one being a rich source of omega-3.

Nutritional flax powder

granoVita’s Organic Sprouted Flax Powder is produced using a unique patented process, which ensures the seeds’ maximum nutritional benefits. It is great for supplementing cereals, smoothies and yogurts to contribute to a healthy diet, whilst also being a source of omega-3.

Fragrant coconut oil

Biona Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is carefully cold-pressed using fresh coconuts to retain its wonderful flavour and nutrients. Naturally saturated, unrefined and free from trans-fatty acids, this tropical, fragrant coconut oil can be used as a spread, in baking and cooking, or as a moisturiser. Suitable for vegans and animal cruelty-free.

Organic coffee pods

New Terra Organic Nespresso-compatible coffee pods feature a combination of rich organic coffee beans from Peru and Mexico expertly blended in Portugal. The pods provide a wonderfully smooth coffee with a great depth of flavour. This is a beautiful coffee at a competitive price.

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