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Project summer holiday

Planning your summer getaway? Not sure what to pack and what to leave at home? Here’s our handy guide to your essential beauty and toiletry must-haves...

The flights are booked, your itinerary is planned and new outfits are stashed away and ready to wear as soon as the plane hits the tarmac. Now it’s just your beauty bits to pack. So what’s a must-have when it comes to staying fresh in the sun, sea and sand? And what are the newest natural products that might just save your holiday?

Fun in the sun

It’s only fun if it doesn’t involve sunburn afterwards. So sun protection is our number one must-have summer holiday product. Organii Sun Milk SPF50 is the ideal sun protection for children – it’s gentle on their sensitive skin and helps to nourish their skin as it protects from the damaging UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It’s free from fragrance, parabens and colouring and it’s organic too!

Handily, it’s effective from the moment it is applied so kids can run off and play straight away, and it’s water resistant for those youngsters who like to make like fish all holiday long.

For older sun lovers, Lavera Organic Sun Spray is the ideal take-away sun cream – easy to apply and with all the natural UV protection you’ll need. While you’re at it, pack a tube of Lavera Organic Sun Care Lip Balm too – ideal for giving those sensitive smackers a layer of protection, while keeping them smooth and soft too.

Hot hot hot

Of course even if your skin is protected, the sun can still cause problems. Overheating in small children can leave them irritated and unable to sleep – not what you want on your holiday.

Give their skin a quick refreshing boost of hydration with the Alorée Two Phase Hydrating Facial Mist. The organic face mist contains hydrating, protecting and moisturising ingredients, including chlorophyll, to invigorate and hydrate the skin. It’s the perfect handbag-sized spray to use on the go to keep you and the family cool this summer.

Holiday help

The excitement of holiday time can mean little travellers get over excited – all that running about and playing can lead to bumps and bruises. A little arnica gel is another must-pack for treating these minor casualties and making sure their bumps heal quickly.

And for protecting your own skin against pollution and environmental damage, turn to new Lavera Hydro Effect Serum – it’s the ideal size for slipping in your suitcase and gives your skin the extra boost it needs after time in the sun. Use as a pre-moisturiser for a cooling and soothing effect.

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