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What our readers say about Your Healthy Living

Keep up the great work! A great range of informative features and articles for readers of all ages

Helpful magazine which gives useful advice - especially on new products

I have just arrived from Australia and as I don't know where to find the best health food products (I'm a coeliac), this was super helpful to educate me on the brands you have over here!

Its an enjoyable, positive, healthy read.

This is the first time I picked up the magazine from my local health food store (Infinity Foods in Brighton) and I was very pleasantly surprised. I can't believe I hadn't spotted it before! I shall definitely be looking out for it each month now. Thanks.

A fabulous magazine that makes me feel happy, inspired and content

I look forward to picking up my copy from my local health store. It is interesting to read, good advertisements and advice.

As a first time reader I am very impressed with all the information and content in this magazine

I have been reading your magazine now for quite a while and always pass it on to the family, I find that the information that you put in them is easy to digest and tells you all that you need to know about the products

Great to wind down after a long day. This magazine makes me relax and see new things and ideas

Always full of helpful advice

The magazine is informative and great for reading about new products and special offers that manufacturers are putting through local independent health food shops

It gives good quality information from well researched resources

Always enjoy reading it. It's bright and colourful to look at with naturally healthy people on the front cover, very encouraging as most magazines feature the airbrushed type.

I look forward to reading about new products to keep myself healthy. In the process I get to know new research on health.

Keep up the good work and information

I love Your Healthy Living.. I feel I am healthier and happier since using products from my local health food store

I think it's wonderful that the mag is free. There is so much info in it.

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