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Best sleep product

Sleep well tonight

PrizMAG Pure Magnesium Bisglycinate from ITL Health is a 100 per cent pure supplement formulated to promote a restorative night’s sleep. Magnesium and glycine – the two components of magnesium bisglycinate – are scientifically proven to promote sounder sleep, making PrizMAG a powerhouse combination for the rest you deserve.

A soothing blend

New Mini Drops Bed Time from Natures Aid is a carefully formulated blend of soothing chamomile and lemon balm, designed to support a relaxing night time routine. This fuss-free product is suitable from 3 months to 5 years, is sugar-free and contains no artificial flavourings, colours or sweeteners.

Rest and revitalise

Research indicates that apigenin can help with winding down before bed, while also revitalising the mind for a more productive day ahead. Apigenin from Time Health is naturally derived from grapefruit and standardised to a market-leading 98 per cent purity level. Each capsule contains a research-backed 50mg dose. No fillers, binders or flow agents.

Natural help for sleep

Bee rested sleep supplement from Unbeelievable Health is formulated by nutritionists, combining therapeutic amounts of nine botanical ingredients shown to help you sleep. These include saffron, Montmorency cherry, royal jelly, griffonia seed and more. They contain no fillers, synthetic ingredients or allergens and are concentrated so fewer are required.

A natural sleep aid

Active Edge has taken its award-winning Montmorency cherry powder and combined it with lavender and chamomile powders plus magnesium, to create CherryActive Sleep Formula capsules. Plant-based with no fillers or anti-caking agents. Research studies show how the ingredients in the formula can aid sleep and relaxation. The recommended dose is two capsules, half an hour before bed, with a sip of water.

Available from independent health stores.

Homeopathic help for sleep

Helios Sleep contains four homeopathic remedies: Avena sativa, Coffea, Passiflora and Valerian. These remedies, when combined, have a long history of traditional use for all manner of sleep disturbances. Being natural, Helios Sleep has no known side effects and comes in organic sucrose pill form, in an easy-to-use single-dose dispenser.

Soothing sleep body lotion

BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Body Lotion combines magnesium chloride and essential oils lavender and chamomile to provide a natural aid to better sleep. Developed to relax tired muscles and slow sensory activity, allowing for a deeper and more sustained sleep cycle. The lotion is Atopic and Sensitive Skin approved, dermatologically tested, vegan approved and delivered in plant-based packaging.

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