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We love the
@ThisGirlCanUK movement
from @Sport_England
getting us all up and active
whatever our shape!

It’s end of #NationalObesityWeek
@_noaw – we think best take home
message was stay active – latest
research says 20mins a day
does wonders

New @SumaWholefoods blogger
specialises in #SCD recipes
– SpecificCarbohydrateDiet.
Good for those with

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Blueberries slash blood pressure, especially useful in post-menopausal women but good for everyone. Plus vitamins and antioxidants.

All hail the kale! These recipes (including kale crisps of course) look great – we found some new ideas. We made the earlier recipe, sausage, kale and barley stew, but with veggie sausages and veg stock – very tasty and filling.

What have we been having for #MeatFreeMonday?
Can you spot spicy bean enchiladas, veggie burgers, couscous, mackerel & winter purslane salad and baked eggs with feta and ras el hanout? We’d love to see your cooking; there’s plenty of inspiration in our recipes section.