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10 ways to fight the ageing process

YHL talks to the experts to find out their top natural anti-ageing tips

1 Pack in the protein
“Protein is packed with amino acids – the essential building blocks for collagen, elastin and keratin,” says Dr Asha Chhaya, women’s health specialist at the Marion Gluck Clinic ( “These structural substances responsible for our healthy skin, hair, and nails need to be replenished as we age, thus keeping protein intake high is important from an anti-ageing perspective. The recommended protein intake is 1g per kg of body weight. Collagen supplements are rapidly gaining popularity. However, I consider bone broth to be the best tonic for improving your skin and strengthening your hair. It is a rich source of collagen and minerals that protect against ageing and the added benefit is that it also helps to heal the digestive tract and lower inflammation in the body.”

2 Skip the sugar
“Everyone loves a treat,” says Simone Thomas, a vegan and alkaline nutritionist and wellness coach (, “but while heading for the biscuit tin may quash your cravings and give you an initial boost, your complexion won’t benefit from the refined sugar. However, honey, dark chocolate, and fruits like blueberries can be beneficial because they contain powerful antioxidant pigments that reduce the breakdown of collagen, while boosting the production of this vital structural protein.”

3 Stock up on vitamin A
Michela Vagnini, a nutritional therapist with NaturesPlus, recommends taking vitamin A as part of your anti-ageing arsenal. She says: “The type of vitamin A used by the body, known as preformed A or retinol, is found in such animal foods as liver, milk and eggs. In addition, the body can create vitamin A from beta-carotene, a nutrient found in vegetables and fruits. Poor diet is a primary factor in low A levels. People simply don’t eat enough yellow and orange vegetables. Carrots are the best-known source of beta-carotene; others include sweet potatoes and winter squash in addition to leafy greens.”

4 Supplement with vitamin E
“Vitamin E is another great nutrient to support healthy ageing,” says Michela Vagnini. “The term ‘vitamin E’ is actually used to describe eight separate substances in two families: the tocopherols, the best-known of which is alpha-tocopherol, and the tocotrienols. Vitamin E helps support free-radical defence, particularly in the fatty parts of cells. Food sources of vitamin E include sunflower seeds, nuts and vegetable oils. A handful of nuts each day is a great way to boost vitamin E levels along with other vital anti-ageing nutrients.”

5 Try the Asian “elixir of life”
Jenya Di Pierro, a herbal medicine practitioner, recommends the herb Gotu Kola, or pennywort, for its anti-ageing properties. According to Jenya, this herb is referred to in Asia as a “miracle elixir of life” due to its anti-ageing, rejuvenating and memory-enhancing effects on the body. Jenya, who is the CEO and founder of the Cloud Twelve wellness and lifestyle club ( says: “Gotu Kola helps our skin in so many different ways. It stimulates collagen and fibroblast production. By increasing the collagen content of skin, Gotu Kola promotes tissue repair, elasticity and skin hydration. A constituent of Gotu Kola, Madecassol, has been shown to calm eczema and herpes due to its anti-inflammatory action.”

6 Supplement your way to a rosy glow
“Astaxanthin is a relatively unheard of nutrient but one you should get to know if you want to go the extra mile in helping your skin age gracefully and glowingly!” says Jessica Shand, a naturopathic nutrition specialist ( “Astaxanthin is derived from the micro-algae that gives pink flamingos, salmon and lobster their rosy hue and it improves skin texture, elasticity and helps to smooth fine lines.”

7 Go for an oil change
“It’s not just about serums – reach for the oil too,” says Sophie Hughes, founder of Glowb ( “You don’t want to strip the skin of vital moisture and oils. Facial oils can be full of vitamins, omegas and vitamins. They provide a necessary seal for locking moisture in the skin, improving the skin's hydration and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

8 Opt for a gentle cleanser
“From harsh ingredients that could cause skin tears to irritating acids, exfoliating can sometimes have a bad rep,” says Sophie Hughes. “However, a gentle cleanser that includes antioxidants and gentle exfoliating ingredients will remove dead cells and reveal a brighter complexion. When you exfoliate, the aim is to remove dull skin cells, promote new cell growth and boost moisture to reveal a more glowing and youthful appearance.”

9 Sit back and relax
“Achieving a youthful glow is just as much about the inside as it is the outside,” says Sophie Hughes. “Your emotional and mental wellbeing is just as important. Tackle those external stressors by partaking in stress relief and relaxation. In fact, combine the two by taking the time to yourself and indulging in a weekly face mask in a quiet, relaxing bath.” Sophie recommends applying a clay mask to draw out pore congestion and boost skin radiance. Look for one containing vitamin E to leave your skin clear and hydrated.

10 Try some facial massage
“For bringing life and vibrancy to the face, a daily massage is a wonderful ritual to incorporate into your skincare routine,” says massage therapist Sarah Jane Watson ( “Facial massage helps to stimulate blood circulation bringing more nutrients to the area as well as stimulating the formation of collagen which promotes the elasticity of the skin. Give your skin an added boost with the addition of the healing properties of these essential oils:

Add two drops of each essential oil to this mixed base of:

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