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Stephanie Hazelwood offers some tips on how to find the right personal trainer for you

“Give them a good personal trainer and they’ll conquer the world!” Marilyn Monroe reportedly said this phrase in relation to Cinderella, a girl and a pair of shoes, but we’re now in 2018 and times have changed, right?

Whether you are just starting to hit the gym, or you’re a 6am HIIT class regular, the benefits of a personal trainer are applicable to us all. They may add costs to your monthly budget but try sacrificing a few glasses of wine or a meal with your friends and you’ve paid for your first session! So, at first glance, why should you get a personal trainer?

1. Get your dream body faster

Online workouts and general fitness tips are designed for the masses. A personal trainer will provide a tailored approach, helping to address your concerns with responses that are applicable to your anatomy, your lifestyle and your current workout. By identifying your needs earlier on in your programme, you’ll see results faster.

2. Reduce your chances of injury

A stiff neck, aching thighs and painful shoulders are just a few injuries that can occur from over-usage and wrong tactics in the gym. However, these are easily avoidable with the right education and guidance. Get a personal trainer to show you the ropes and mentor you on how best to move, train and nurture your body.

3. Train your life, not just your body

A personal trainer does not produce results through just training your body. Their methods of helping you reach your goals include not just working out, but also training your mentality, lifestyle habits, diet and routines. Through forging a relationship with your personal trainer and allowing them to structure your daily routine, you will notice not just your body change but your entire lifestyle.

However, remember, all of this comes with caution. Finding the right personal trainer for you is just as important as getting one in the first place. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right one for you:

Do your research

When looking for a personal trainer, be sure to look on their website as well as any other online resources sharing information about their training methods and results. Don’t be shy in reaching out to their former clients to gain better insight.

Have a coffee with them

Before plunging into an intensive six-week course with someone you’ve plucked off the internet or sourced from a friend, be sure to sit down (outside of the gym) and have a proper chat. Get to know them, ask questions and be honest about what you want to get out of their service.

Search their social media

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all great ways of getting to know someone on a more personal level. Are they funny? Too serious? Too intense? They may have shared their clients’ successes or even their own, which is a great way for you to see whether they’re the right match for you.

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