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Time for Plan B

Claire Moore suggests some tips on staying fit in winter alongside the constraints of lockdown

Well this is tricky! I was planning an article about staying fit in winter, to combat the dark nights, cold weather and potential lack of enthusiasm. I had a whole host of ideas on indoor activities, team sports and of course, my personal favourite, the gym. But as I write this, we are preparing to close our gym door once again, for another lockdown. It’s time for Plan B and with everything going on right now this particular Plan B is more important than ever. So how can we make sure we keep our fitness levels up during a winter in potential lockdown?

Walking and running

You can’t beat getting outside in the fresh air to clear your head. Add in the opportunity to burn some calories and you are on to a winner. If you want to make sure you are pushing your fitness levels, fix a route, time it and then aim to beat it every time. Once you have knocked some significant time off, extend the route and if you really want to see your cardio ability to progress, add in some hills.

Remember, wrapping up in the right fitness gear is essential for an outdoor winter workout. Layer up, protect the extremities with good socks, gloves and a hat. Invest in the right footwear for outdoor terrain and keep an eye on the weather. Knowing the ground may be slippery could be a life saver. And if you are going out in the dark, reflective clothing is vital to ensure you stay seen and safe.

Online training

Don’t fancy heading outside in the cold? No problem. There is a huge choice of online training available and quite often for free. From High Intensity Interval Training to yoga, martial arts and dance classes, there really is something for everyone.

My advice on this is to find a programme with live classes so you get the buzz from the instructor and the other attendees in the moment.

Get busy in the house

Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Housework can burn up to 170 calories an hour. DIY can be double that. If you have a little project you want to get done in the house it can be a great benefit to your fitness levels as well as your home comforts. Got space in your garden? How about growing your own veg? Burn up to 200 calories an hour and get seasonal produce for your healthy meals.

Help others

If ever there was a time to spread the kindness, it is now, and what better way to get fit than by helping others?

Contact your local dog kennels and help with walking the dogs or join a charity like, where you can complete a run while delivering essential items to vulnerable people in your community.


Fitness isn’t just about getting your heart rate up. If you want to be in the best shape possible it is about making sure you find time to take your heart rate down. Book in time each week to just relax, whether that’s by enjoying a bubble bath, reading your favourite book or meditating. These moments of quiet can restore the peace in your mind and give you the break you deserve.

Claire Moore is a personal trainer and founder of the award-winning Believe & Achieve UK Women’s Gym in Sheffield. To find out more, visit or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

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