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Celebrity Health – Vick Hope

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TV and radio presenter Vick Hope tells YHL about how she stays fit and healthy whilst juggling a hectic schedule

This year is certainly proving to be busy for TV and radio presenter Vick Hope. The 30-year-old can be heard presenting the Capital FM breakfast radio show with Roman Kemp every morning and will be on our TV screens this month as part of the presenting team for Crufts. She recently compered the annual Stand Up to Cancer event and has joined The X Factor as a presenter of the Xtra Bites series. Having co-authored a children’s book, Listen Up: Rule the Airwaves, Rule the School, she is set to publish the sequel later this year.

Q It seems you have a wide variety of work projects on the go at the moment. How do you keep up your energy levels and avoid burnout?

Vick: I can really tell the difference in my energy levels if I haven’t drunk enough water that day, so carrying a refillable water bottle with me at all times is essential. My biggest downfall is not getting enough sleep; it’s like I’m a whole new woman when I’m well rested, so time management is key. Also eating regular small snacks like nuts and fruit gives me a steady burn, while being careful not to have too much coffee. Being kind to yourself is key. Taking breaks (whether a holiday, city break, yoga retreat or just home to see my family in Newcastle for the weekend) does the world of good, puts things in perspective and recharges the batteries.

Q Would you say that following a healthy lifestyle is important to you?

Vick: Of course! Getting plenty of exercise and eating healthily is what keeps me afloat and feeling human amidst the madness of a fast-paced work life that never seems to stop. Going to the gym not only keeps me in shape, but it brings balance to the day and is amazing for my mental health too; it clears my head.

Q How do you ensure that you are fit and healthy?

Vick: It’s often tricky to find time to fit in proper workouts as my schedule is often very erratic, but I carry my gym kit on me at all times. So, if there’s a spare hour in between shoots, shows or meetings, I can pop to the gym, at best for a class, or if there’s nothing available then at least a session on the cross trainer or treadmill. If I am working on an article or my book, I tend to do my writing in the cafe at my gym, which means it’s easy to get a workout in as a break. Where possible, I walk everywhere. It’s great exercise, gives me a chance to reflect, and taking deep breaths of fresh air is really therapeutic.

Q What do you eat during a typical day?

Vick: We start Capital Breakfast at 6am and have breakfast in the studio around 8am. I usually have an egg white omelette with spinach, fresh tomatoes, sometimes some avocado and some fruit. Lunch is always a fairly elastic concept: some days it’s a sandwich or salad on the go, others it’s a full spread of finger food if I’m on a shoot. If I’m at home I’ll often prepare myself a bowl of soup. If I’m feeling super organised that week, I’ll make a pan of veggie, lentil or chicken soup to last the week. In the evenings, a typical dinner often consists of fish or prawns with green vegetables or salad, and noodles or cous cous. Stir fries are a pretty common dinner for me as they’re quick and easy to make delicious – not a lot can go wrong!

Q Do you enjoy exercise?

Vick: I played for our women’s football team at uni, and still love to take any chance to kick a ball about! Group exercise in general is my thing: I love classes as you have someone guiding you through, telling you what to do and spurring you on. I enjoy HIIT, spin and body conditioning classes. I’m really into yoga and meditation and go on retreats abroad, when I get a chance, to feel focused, centred and balanced. I’ve always been into dancing and go to street and commercial dance classes once a week or so. I’m running the Great North Run this year for Made By Sport (a charity which helps change the lives of young people through sport) in my hometown of Newcastle, so need to start training! Although I think my fitness levels are quite good, I’ve never done a distance run before, so I’m absolutely bricking it!

Q You must have to get up very early for your breakfast radio show. How do you make sure that you get a good night’s sleep?

Vick: I’ll be perfectly honest with you: I usually don’t! There just aren’t enough hours in the day and, try as I might, I always struggle to get to bed before 10.30pm, which isn’t great when you’ve got to be up for work at 4.30am every day. Usually, being tired a lot of the time, I have little trouble actually getting to sleep, but on a night-to-night basis I make those precious hours count by reading before bed instead of looking at my phone and spraying lavender on my pillowcase for better quality of sleep. Plus, a massive life changer has been investing in a Lumie alarm clock, which uses light to imitate the rising sun to naturally wake you up instead of harsh sounds, so you aren’t jolted awake and feel way better refreshed.

Q What is your number one tip for staying healthy?

Vick: It will sound hypocritical because I don’t always do it, but definitely getting a good night’s sleep: it changes everything! Sleep, walking as much as possible and drinking plenty of water.

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