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Circular Motion Healthy Back Bag

This fabulous Circular Motion Healthy Back Bag is designed to distribute weight asymmetrically, meaning it’s comfortable for all shapes and sizes, and perfect for healthy lifestyles.

The bag's fresh citrus green patterned fabric is cut differently for each bag so each one's unique. Whether you're walking the dog or off for a jog, this bag will keep valuables safe and sound and when worn across the back ensures you can move around hands-free.

The result of a collaboration between a bag designer, doctor and chiropractor and created to combat the problems that can be caused by a one-strap bag, they're kind to the spine and, of course, look fab. The unique teardrop shape is designed to contour to the spine, reducing stress on the neck and shoulders and can be worn on either shoulder or cross body.

Circular Motion Healthy Back Bag (S) RRP £59
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