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Celebrity Health – Davinia Taylor

Former actress turned wellness influencer Davinia Taylor talks to Liz Parry about her top hacks for optimum health

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Having overcome addiction issues and transformed her health and wellbeing, former actress Davinia Taylor is now a wellness influencer with a huge following.

The mother-of-four beat her addiction to alcohol and lost three stone in weight, thanks to a process known as “biohacking”. This holistic approach to health has led her to try out all manner of health and wellness practices in her quest for optimum health. She is the author of two books and has just launched her own wellness brand, WillPowders.

Q We last interviewed you for Your Healthy Living three years ago. At that time, you were relocating from London to Lancashire. How is life for you and your family now?
Davinia: Life is much less stressful since we moved out of London. The kids are really active and always out on their bikes. Just this morning I took the dogs out for a run along a country lane. We could never have done that living in the city. I do miss the buzz of London sometimes though, and I love people watching.

Q What’s your daily routine like?
Davinia: I’ve been practising intermittent fasting for ages now. When I get up in the morning I start my day with an electrolyte drink that contains magnesium, potassium and calcium. That hydrates me and livens my brain up straight away. I then have a black organic coffee with MCT keto powder. MCTs, or medium chain triglycerides, are converted into ketones, which is an energy source for the brain. This means that I’m not craving carbohydrates because my brain is fuelled with healthy fats. This is one of my biohacks that works well for me as it means I’m focused and productive during the day. I have a few of these keto coffees until I break my fast in the afternoon.

When I eat later in the day, I tend to have something like scrambled eggs with avocado and smoked salmon. If I want some extra protein, I’ll have some Greek yogurt. I avoid carbohydrates during the day, and only tend to have them in the evening because they make me feel very sleepy. We all eat together as a family in the evening – me, my partner Matthew and the kids. We will have vegetables at dinner time, or something like a shepherd’s pie or a spaghetti Bolognese.

Q How is your health at the moment?
Davinia: I’ve got more energy than ever now. I’m a healthy weight, my body fat percentage is great and my muscle density is great. I’m going to be 47 this year and I’m able to run a marathon, so I’m doing something right. By fuelling my brain in the right way, this stops me from craving carbohydrates, ultra-processed food and takeaways. Don’t get me wrong, of course I slip up now and again, because life isn’t that easy. I might have a bit of pizza if I’m at a kids’ party, for example, but I don’t feel the need to eat the entire thing and then follow it up with a packet of biscuits. I’m free from that cycle of addictive behaviour. I ask myself, is this going to satisfy me or is it going to kick off another craving?

Q You recently set up your own wellness brand, WillPowders. Tell us a bit about that.
Davinia: In today’s society, junk food is everywhere. There are these hyper palatable, highly addictive foods that we’ve all been brought up on since the 1970s and 80s. They are just a fundamental part of our existence in the 21st century in a Western country. Trying to avoid these foods is not a case of having willpower; it’s about having the right energy in your brain to feel full, satisfied and without any cravings for carbs. That’s where WillPowders comes in. We’ve developed a range of products for people who are struggling with bad eating habits, yoyo diets, brain fog, hormone imbalances, low energy and cravings. We want people to take control of their mental health and physical wellbeing and to feel amazing.

Q What exercise do you enjoy doing?
Davinia: I really enjoy going out running with the dogs. I’ve run a couple of marathons in the past. I find it’s really good for my mental health. If anyone is looking to get into running then my advice is to listen to music and run during the chorus then walk for the verse. That helps you to build up your distance. That’s how I got started and I would do that for three songs. Make sure you pick three songs that you love and that will really motivate you.

Q How do you relax?
Davinia: I will have a hot bath with Epsom salts for about 40 minutes or so, followed by a cold shower. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the body’s calming system. I do this just before going to bed and it really helps me to sleep deeply. I’m also a big advocate of just chilling out and watching telly. I love snuggling with the kids and watching stuff together. It’s my safe space.

To find out more about the WillPowders range, visit Follow @willpowders and @daviniataylor on Instagram.

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