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Q As a company, what are the most important steps you have taken so far to support the environment?

A We commit to a 'better than net zero' carbon policy on the basis of science-based targets, audited by a third-party specialist. Our climate policy includes: no air miles for products we buy or sell, no meat, net zero of our own organisation footprint, double offsetting of any business flights through carbon air capture, a 'climate tax' internal mechanism, and additional bespoke offsetting through selected environmental projects.

Q How do you ensure that your product ingredients are as environmentally friendly as possible?

A By choosing organic we are upholding a planet-positive standard that bans hundreds of harmful pesticides, insecticides and herbicides, and works to support and enhance biodiversity and eco-systems, protecting soils and water supply, and rejecting GM ingredients.

Q How do you educate your customers about your efforts to support the environment so that they appreciate they are caring for the planet as well as enjoying a great product?

A We publish our ethical policies on our websites and include our new 'better than net zero' logo on the web and in literature. We are also starting to roll out the logo as packaging comes up for renewal. Throughout October and November we have been running a 'low carbon eating' theme across our social media and comms, including blog posts and useful links around reducing carbon. We are also a founding member of, a series of informative talks from experts around food issues that most recently concentrated on the build-up to COP26.

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