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Unbeelievable Health

Q Do you support any environmental causes or donate any of your profits to environmental organisations or charities?

A We produce supplements which combine bee products with plant-based ingredients and we donate a portion of sales to bee charities including Bees for Development, who help lift people out of poverty through teaching beekeeping. They’ve even convinced illegal poachers to switch to beekeeping. Bees for Development have been around for over 30 years and count Sting as a Patron.

Q Why is supporting the environment so important to your brand?

A Bees are at the heart of our brand, the environment and our world; they are nature’s hardest-working creatures! We depend on bees for food and so much more. We ensure that the bee products we use are responsibly and sustainably sourced and help to raise awareness about the importance of honeybees, which are often referred to as “nature’s alchemists” due to the healthy substances they produce: propolis, royal jelly, honey and bee pollen.

Q How do you educate your customers about your efforts to support the environment so that they appreciate they are caring for the planet as well as enjoying a great product?

A We regularly “share the buzz” on how we support the environment and bees on social media, in our newsletter, on our website, in magazine articles and on podcasts. Supporting beekeepers and ethical bee brands creates demand and helps encourage more people to keep bees, which is crucial to help honeybee colonies grow and thrive. In the words of Trudie Styler: “Bees are vital to the health of the planet.”

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