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Independent health store advice on natural ways to manage migraine

Looking for advice on natural health and wellbeing? Your local independent health store can offer a wealth of expertise. This month we talk to Daisy Connor, Nutritional Therapist at Rivers’ Remedies and founder of City Survivor supplements

Migraine affects more women than men and this condition also tends to run in families. There are various factors that could trigger migraine and these include:

Common triggers for migraine

Certain foods or drinks can also trigger migraine. Examples of these are cow’s milk or cheese, wheat, chocolate, eggs, oranges, tomato and fish. Also, alcoholic drinks, in particular beer and red wine.

Food allergies and intolerances can be a trigger for migraine, so a change of diet can help once you find out what your triggers are. If you also suffer from IBS then it’s likely that food sensitivities are involved.

Food allergies and intolerances are highly individual, so consider a food elimination diet or, if it’s affordable, allergy and intolerance testing is easier.

For some, histamine foods are a trigger in which case removing chocolate, mature cheese, pickled and fermented foods, beer and red wine would help.

Additives such as monosodium glutamate and nitrates can be triggers, and removing highly processed foods from our diets is always beneficial so that’s a good place to start.

Nutrients and herbal remedies

In terms of nutrition, I would recommend that anyone who is affected by migraine should try increasing their dietary omega-3s for their anti-inflammatory effect. Make sure that you eat more fish as well as flax, hemp and chia seeds. I would also suggest taking a good quality fish or algae oil supplement.

The following nutrients are well tolerated and have good evidence for reducing incidences or severity of migraine:

- High dose vitamin B2 (400mg daily for adults) was shown to be effective in research. Combine this with a general B vitamin complex.

- Magnesium: look for a quality supplement that’s free from magnesium oxide.

- CoQ10.

5-HTP may also be a helpful preventative, but it’s not suitable with some antidepressant medications, so please check with your doctor before use. Herbal remedies including feverfew, butterbur and ginger have also helped many people.

Migraine is complicated, so if you suffer, it will take time, trial and error to find the best course of action. If you struggle to discover your personal triggers or to find therapies that help, consider consulting a naturopathic practitioner for personal advice.

Rivers’ Remedies

Rivers’ Remedies was founded by Rebecca Rivers in 2008 and is now run by a team of four: Rebecca, Elly, Daisy and Kara. The store stocks only the best natural and organic products from British companies who source locally wherever possible and employ fair trade and ethical practices. The store is located at 19 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7RJ.
To find out more, visit and Instagram: @riversremedies
For more info on City Survivor supplements visit and Instagram: @citysurvivoruk

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