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Feminine care is a natural fact of life. Annoying and occasionally uncomfortable as it can be, it shouldn’t cause you more irritation than necessary. If you’ve ever suffered from intimate irritations or had an allergic reaction to your sanitary protection you’ll know it is unpleasant and well worth avoiding. A natural approach can help.

Many conventional sanitary products are known to contain a whole host of synthetic materials such as rayon, SAPs (Super Absorbent Polymers) and lots of plastic. Indeed you might find the equivalent of four plastic bags in one conventional sanitary pad! When these synthetic and toxic materials are in constant contact with our intimate area, they may cause skin irritations, redness and allergic reactions and that is the last thing anyone wants in such a sensitive part of their body.

A conventional sanitary pad is mainly made from rayon. Rayon is a synthetic manufactured fibre made from wood pulp which is chemically treated and then bleached using chlorine bleach (a process that releases a cancer-causing dioxin which absorbs into the skin and can cause allergic reactions) and made to look and feel like cotton. In fact usually there is no real cotton wool in your average pad – crazy, huh? As rayon is highly absorbent it not only absorbs our menstrual blood but also absorbs vaginal secretions, which can lead to intimate irritations, sores and dryness.

These synthetic materials are designed to be ultra absorbent but not breathable. They can restrict airflow, which in turn traps heat and dampness and all this can result in yeast and bacteria growth leading to vaginal discomfort.

Switching from conventional sanitary pads to a more natural alternative, one made from only pure organic cotton, brings extra comfort and reduces the risk of irritations on our intimate area. There are many natural brands available, but Organyc offers a wide range of natural and organic sanitary wear, where all products are made from only 100% organic cotton. As a natural fibre, organic cotton is breathable, comfortable and kind on sensitive skin and an all-round healthy choice for our intimate area.

Freshening up can also be all-natural with the Organyc Intimate Care range of Intimate Wash and Wipes that keep sensitive skin clean and fresh without the use of parabens, alcohol or SLS.

Because Organyc wants to do good for women around the world, the brand also works closely with the Orchid Project – a charity set up to help end Female Genital Cutting the world over. Organyc will donate 5% of the profit from every purchase of Intimate Wash to the Orchid Project, so you know your wash is doing good for your body and others.

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