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Get set, chill

Brace yourselves, the cold weather is coming, and with it a change in how you treat your skin. Think moisture, nourishment and plenty of TLC to keep your skin looking great through the lower temperatures.

Colder climes can play havoc with your skin, leaving it dry, chapped and an unflattering shade of rosy. And that’s not to mention hair that’s parched from all that blow-drying and being tousled into shape. But don’t despair, there’s no need to fret when you go natural – with a touch of plant power you can spoil your skin with a whole host of nourishing products.

Dry skin and hair are often caused by the combination of cold weather and the artificial heat from central heating. Of course if you then try and treat this with chemical-laden products you are just adding a layer of chemicals to your skin and hair rather than getting to the core of the problem. Both your skin and hair need natural moisture that they can drink in – and that best comes from plant-based skin and hair care, in our book.

Buffing up

Dry skin is a classic symptom of our central heating being turned back on, and the best way to treat it is with a little exfoliation and a good dose of moisture. For easy use, the Forsters double-sided massage glove is great for in-shower buffing. Step out of the direct water and buff the skin upwards towards the heart to get rid of dry skin cells and get your circulation pumping. When your skin is suitably buffed and still damp from the shower, slather on Khadi Rose Face and Body Oil for the ultimate in luxurious moisturising.

A good night’s skincare

An early night is always welcome in the colder months – just the thought of snuggling under a feather down duvet gets most of us running for the bedroom. But before you get too cosy, make sure you remove any excess make-up and then apply some lavera Q10 moisturising cream. It’s perfect for all skin types and ideal for restoring even the most parched skin. Or if you prefer the feel of an oil to soak into your skin then Primavera Intensive seed oil capsules are full of organic goodness for your skin. There’s rose oil, jojoba oil, almond oil to name just a few – designed to give optimal hydration and soften your skin.

Weekly treats

Once a week, treat yourself to a soak in the bath and apply a nourishing mask then sit back and give it a chance to work its magic while you read, relax or even sip a nice glass of red. Lavera Regenerating Mask is just the thing for reducing skin tension and reducing any fine lines while giving your skin a much-needed drink.

Everyday beauty

Braving the wind and rain means your skin might need an extra helping hand in the winter. A serum provides an extra layer of protection. Use it underneath your regular moisturiser and it will act as a sealed barrier between your skin and the elements. Primavera triple hydration will give your skin new energy and freshness, bringing it back into balance and restoring its natural moisture levels. Another must-have winter helper is the Primavera hydrate and protect lip balm – it’s a handbag essential come autumn to keep your lips soft and supple.

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