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Natural haircare tips and tricks

Our hair is our crowning glory and yet we subject it to a lot of stress. From chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners to drying and damaging central heating and hair dryers, our locks can end up looking quite lacklustre. If your hair is desperately in need of some TLC, read on for some expert tips on how to get the gloss the natural way.

A cut above

Charlotte Vøhtz, founder of natural and organic beauty brand Green People ( offers some of her top strategies for naturally beautiful hair.

Say goodbye to SLS

We all know that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Shampoos containing sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) will strip your scalp of its natural oils and completely unbalance your skin. The result is a dry, flaky and irritated scalp that leads to lifeless locks in need of a moisture boost. A pH-balanced organic, SLS-free shampoo will keep your scalp healthy and retaining those essential natural oils. When shopping for shampoo and conditioner, look for natural products containing ingredients like hydrating aloe vera, shine-enhancing quinoa protein and exfoliating pineapple enzymes.

Stay on top of trims

Whether your hair is short, long, curly or straight, regular trims will keep your hair looking healthy and reduce the risk of split ends. Despite many products promising they can, split ends cannot be repaired. The only way to be rid of them is to chop them off.

Think warm, not hot

Try and resist a very hot shower as the scalding water will damage your hair. Heat from the water can dry out your hair and lead to an itchy, flaky scalp; any extreme changes in temperature will instantly throw your skin out of balance. If an itchy scalp is bothering you, look for hair products containing soothing pineapple enzymes and rosemary oil.

Think before you style

Try and step away from the scalding heat of the hairdryer if you want to protect your hair. Instead, opt for a micro-fibre towel to remove as much excess water as possible; these are much more gentle than normal towels. Switch your hairdryer to the coolest setting before using and hold it at least 30cm away from the head to minimise heat damage.

Treat yourself

Why not treat your hair to a bit of extra TLC? A restorative hair mask is the best way to deeply condition, smooth and nourish damaged hair. Softening oils from avocado and jojoba smooth the hair cuticle, reducing frizz and preventing breakage while green tea, rosemary extract and plant proteins nurture the hair shaft.

Style inspiration!

Live True London ( is an award-winning independent group of hair and beauty salons. Here, the team shares three of their favourite hair trends for the year ahead.

1. Shaggy bobs

The sleek and straight bobs that were a characteristic trend of 2019 will undergo a textured and shaggy upgrade in 2020. Bobs are a classic, timeless haircut which are making a modern and edgy return this year. Sleek and strong lines will be shattered by soft, texturised layering, whispy face-framing and complemented by high-textured and defined styling.

2. Vibrant copper

This year we can expect to see adventurous ladies taking a trip to the fiery side and embracing copper tones. From pale coral and soft strawberry to deep ginger and vibrant oranges, there’s a shade of copper to complement every skin tone. This fun fashion colour will leave your hair feeling strong, healthy and full of shine.

3. Root shadows

Root shadows are very similar to root tints but are more blended so that they melt into your hair’s overall colour. This is a great technique for anyone looking for a more naturally blended colour while maintaining strong, healthy hair. This is low maintenance and a great technique for anyone converting from highlights to balayage.

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