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Celebrity Health - Gethin Jones

TV presenter and keen adventurer Gethin Jones chats to Liz Parry about his love of the great outdoors

Image of Gethin Jones © GO Outdoors

TV presenter Gethin Jones has been a familiar face on our screens for nearly 20 years. The Cardiff-born 45-year-old has presented shows such as Blue Peter, The One Show and Daybreak and currently fronts Morning Live on BBC One. Gethin is well known for his love of a physical challenge and has taken on such feats as the Royal Marine 30-mile Commando Yomp plus an epic 1,000- mile running, rowing, sailing and cycling challenge for Sport Relief. He has just been announced as the newest ambassador for outdoor clothing brand North Ridge.

Q Have you always had a love of the outdoors?

Gethin: Absolutely, ever since I was a kid. I used to love being outside, riding around on my BMX all day until I’d hear my dad whistling for me to come in for my tea. When I was younger I didn’t quite realise the mental health benefits of fresh air and exercise. When life gets really busy and you find yourself getting stressed out, it makes all the difference to spend some time outside. I know that I feel better, I sleep better and my appetite is better. I’m at my happiest when I’m out and about.

Q What are some of your favourite outdoor activities?

Gethin: I love hiking and walking, outdoor swimming, going running and going out on my bike. I think we all learnt to appreciate going on walks during the pandemic when we only had an hour to get out each day. I love taking my nephews to the beach or going up a mountain. We take their dog, chuck stuff in the car and off we go come rain or shine. I love anything really that involves being outside, especially as I’m always working indoors in a live studio environment.

Q You’ve taken part in a lot of extreme challenges over the years. What have been some of your favourite ones?

Gethin: I loved doing the Four Peaks Challenge when I was working on Blue Peter. Three peaks wasn’t enough – it had to be something even more ridiculous! We climbed Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, Yr Wyddfa and Slieve Donard in 48 hours. I loved coasteering in west Wales and kayaking the rapids in Aberfeldy. When it’s challenge-based and outdoors that pretty much sums up my perfect weekend.

Q Talking of challenges, you recently completed a 24-hour danceathon for Comic Relief. Did you enjoy that?

Gethin: I think “dance” is a strong word – I could barely keep going towards the end! It was fantastic to be able to raise so much money for charity, but physically, I was in bits the next day. Coming down the stairs was ridiculous – it took me about half an hour! But that was irrelevant compared to the elation we all felt with the amount of money we actually raised.

Q Do you like to eat healthily?

Gethin: I think for me it’s about having a routine that works with Morning Live. I always start the day with oats for breakfast with lots of seeds, nuts, raspberries and blueberries. After the show I’ll go and do some training, then I’ll have some eggs and avocado because that’s the most fashionable thing in the world these days! In the evening I’ll have some protein, loads of veg and a little bit of carbohydrate depending on how hard I’m training. I have a sweet tooth which is tricky. I love a bit of chocolate or a croissant.

I try to make good choices in the week and then take the pressure off at the weekend. I train hard, I eat well and I’m not a big drinker, and I think that works for me. I’m 45 and I think I’m in pretty decent shape. I do have high LDL cholesterol, which is hereditary, so I have to be a bit careful with that.

Q Do you take any vitamins or supplements?

Gethin: Not really. I try to get all my nutrients from my food. I do have a protein drink after a training session as I find it helps with recovery and I’ll take some vitamin D during the winter.

Q Do you have any tips for people who would like to be a bit more outdoorsy?

Gethin: You don’t have to go off and hike up a mountain. Just being outside is great for your mental health. Going for a walk or even just doing some gardening is good for your wellbeing. You don’t need a huge amount of kit – just a decent coat and a good pair of boots. Have a go, push your limits and make sure you enjoy yourself!

Gethin Jones has joined GO Outdoors as their latest ambassador for the outdoor clothing brand North Ridge. To find out more, visit

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