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Celebrity Health - Jenny Powell

TV presenter Jenny Powell talks to Liz Parry about the natural remedy that helped to soothe her debilitating migraines

TV presenter Jenny Powell first appeared on our TV screens in the BBC 2 music show No Limits. She has gone on to present shows such as Wheel of FortuneTo Buy or Not to BuyWordplay and Daybreak. Jenny is mum to two daughters and lives in Cheshire. She is currently the face of An Experience With, interviewing the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mel Gibson, live on stage all around the UK.

Q Would you say that living a healthy lifestyle is important to you?
Jenny: “Yes, it is top of my list in self-care. If I am healthy and happy then so are my kids. I am desperate for the idea of living healthily to rub off on the younger generation. Being the best I can possibly be in work and play means taking responsibility for my own health and way of living.”

Q How do you ensure that you keep fit and healthy?
Jenny: “I make sure that my fitness and health regime become part of my daily routine and fall in place around all the other daily commitments I have being a busy, multi-tasking, working mum. It’s easy to leave looking after your health at the end of the to-do list, but I have a schedule that includes it comfortably and it’s only when I don’t stick to it that I feel bad! Consistency is key and taking time out every day to make sure that you have time for you and your health is imperative.”

Q Do you follow any particular diet?
Jenny: “I always have organic food and make a day of it at the farmers market ... grass-fed beef only, lots of fish and organic chicken. We have lots of fermented/unpasturised foods like kombucha, kefir, pickles and sourdough. Organic eggs are a staple and no sweet fizzy drinks or sugar.”

Q Do you take any vitamins or supplements?
Jenny: “I take Green Stem CBD oral drops twice daily for my hormones, anxiety and migraines and it works for me. Also I take a strong dose of vitamin D3 in the winter.”

Q Are you a keen cook and do you enjoy cooking healthy meals?
Jenny: “I am determined not to buy processed foods/ready meals so I have to cook! It makes me feel good to see the family eating together around the table and a big dish of home-made shepherd's pie or similar with lots of crisp veg rather than a TV dinner on your lap!”

Q Can you give us an idea of what you might eat during a typical day?
Jenny: “I have a green juice or kefir and fruit in the morning and two coffees. Then I’ll have organic poached eggs on sourdough with bacon and avocado after hot yoga at about 11am. I might have leftovers from the night before at lunchtime or homemade soup and sourdough, then a lovely grass-fed beef stew from the slow cooker with lots of rice and veg at teatime.”

Q Do you enjoy exercise? If so, what kinds and how often do you exercise?
Jenny: “At the moment I am completely addicted to hot yoga! I practise four times a week if I can and also do kettlebells and strength training in the gym at home. My yoga is my lifesaver mentally and physically – the best thing I have ever done!”

Q Tell us about your involvement with Green Stem CBD as their ambassador.
Jenny: “I have struggled with terrible migraines for about eight years, to the point where I have been bedridden for two or three days, unable to work or function normally. I am not keen on popping pills and started to read up on the benefits of CBD as a natural, more preventative solution and went on to talk about it on national TV on Lorraine. The response from fellow migraine sufferers was incredible and I felt that I needed to do some due diligence and find the right company who would help me promote the idea that CBD could possibly help migraine sufferers. I met up with Green Stem and, having listened to their ethos and procedures to make their CBD products, and having used them myself successfully, I just wanted to collaborate with them as soon as possible and maybe help others to change their lives. The CBD oral drops, in my opinion, have reduced my migraine attacks substantially (I haven’t had one for a few months) and reduced my anxiety too.”

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