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Keep it clean

Admit it – you’re not quite sure what might be lurking at the bottom of your makeup bag. Pencil shavings? Hair grips? An old tin of pure petroleum jelly vaseline? We’re not here to judge, but might we suggest an early spring clean?

Did you know that after three months of use the tube your mascara wand sits in can contain all kinds of bacteria? Now, that’s really not what we want near our peepers. Make-up brushes are similar – you use them every day and rarely clean them and then can’t work out why you’ve had a blemish outbreak. The answer is obvious if you think about it.

Brush up

The Benecos range of brushes are all made from vegan toray fibre and a bamboo handle, so they are completely cruelty- and animal product-free. Pop on your powder with our largest powder brush – soft, fluffy and a pleasure to use – Define those cheekbones with a splash of colour using a benecos blusher and our blusher brush and then apply your favourite natural eyeshadow with the Benecos eyeshadow brush for expert application. Or opt for the sponge applicator for a shadow.

Freshen up

Now you have your new brush set, make a note to give them a good clean now and again – once a month is ideal. It’s very easy – simply run your brushes under lukewarm water and then lather them up with your favourite natural shampoo, rinse and dry.

All natural

While you’re refreshing your makeup bag, make sure you go for natural products as well as a natural look. When it comes to the light, dewy look that a light fluid foundation gives – there’s little point if that look comes with chemicals. Go for the new Lavera Nude Effect Make-up Fluid for au naturel without the nasties. So throw out the parabens, do away with the synthetics and keep your make-up bag chemical- and cruelty-free.

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