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The free-from cupboard

Look around the free-from section of a health food store or a large supermarket and you’ll find a large variety of gluten-free and dairy-free products. Food manufacturers are continually producing fantastic ingredients – all of which make it easier and easier to cook wonderful free-from food.
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Prep your protein!

We chat to the Body Coach, Joe Wicks, about the importance of protein
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Fertility foods

If you are planning to try for a baby, then one of the best things you can do is to eat a healthy, balanced diet, full of nutritious, whole foods.

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Menopause meals

Maryon Stewart explains the importance that phytoestrogens play during the menopause

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Raw and local

Enjoy the delights of raw and local food this summer, with these tips from Richard Buckley

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The lowdown on turmeric

Dr Hazel Wallace takes a look at the health benefits of this much talked about spice

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6 health foods from around the world

Research has shown that certain countries enjoy higher life expectancies than others, mostly as a result of their diets. Japan, for example, has one of the lowest mortality rates in the world, with a typical diet being high in fish, meat, certain carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. Here we take a look at six of the best natural health foods from around the world.

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The essential fats

Essential fatty acids are aptly named – not only because they are essential to our health and wellbeing, but because our bodies cannot make them, so it is essential that we get our intake through our diet.

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Why eat organic?

This month marks the Soil Association’s annual Organic September campaign. Here, Renée Elliott explains why we should all be eating organically

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Alkalising foods

The quality of our inner ecology will determine our overall health. Life is more connected than we think. Everything from the cells in our bodies to the life in the oceans is affected by pH.

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Embrace the alkaline lifestyle

Wellbeing expert John Tsagaris explains the benefits of the alkaline diet

The likes of Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are all fans of the alkaline diet, but this isn’t just another celebrity fad. There are many benefits to be gained from alkaline-based nutrition.

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Top breakfast swaps

Want to make sure you have the best possible start to the day? Swap your unhealthy breakfast for these healthier options

Fry up

Why you should avoid it:
The good elements of the traditional fry-up - vitamin-rich eggs, protein-packed pork and heart-healthy beans - are unfortunately curtailed due to dubious preparation and cooking methods.

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Very vegan

Veganism is growing in popularity by the day. We take a look at the benefits of following a plant-based diet

The stereotypical image of vegans as tie-dye-wearing hippies who live on nothing but lentils and chick peas is fast becoming a thing of the past. The proliferation of vegan recipe blogs, books and celebrity endorsements from the likes of Beyoncé and Russell Brand has helped to give veganism a complete image overhaul.

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7 of the best superfoods

Nutritional therapist Joanne Hart takes a look at some of her favourite superfoods and how they benefit our health

Are superfoods the powders that we blend into smoothies and sprinkle onto our porridge or are they just normal foods that have special benefits? We think it’s both!

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Kick your sugar habit

Want to reduce the sugar in your diet? Try these expert tips and recipe ideas

One in three of us has high blood sugar and is at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Despite this, new research from preventative nutrition experts Pharma Nord has revealed that just one in 10 people is worried about developing diabetes and one third of us don’t know what their blood sugar level is.

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